Friday, August 6, 2010


Below is an email from the mother of the bride.

ALAN! THE PHOTOGRAPHS from the wedding (and of course the bridal session) are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!   You guys did such an AMAZING job with everything. Honestly, I thought it couldn't get any better, and then I opened up the site today and saw the 'Family Fun' gallery and those photos just completed the entire adventure...
Omgosh....I cannot begin to tell you ALL how very very very much we appreciate your time and efforts and care of this most special time in all our lives. You have beautifully documented memories that will be cherished forever.
   Alan, I was talking to a fellow teacher at work that got married in June.   I told her about you, and what an amazing job you've done and that we will also receive the CDs and yet family can order online too, etc... she said that she wished she had asked more questions before she had chosen her photographer. My whole point being, K and I knew the day we met you that you were the one to photograph her wedding.
   You have been so incredibly attentive to detail and kind to address all of our questions...I will tell everyone I come in contact with who's the best wedding photographer out there! It's YOU!!!!    I can't wait for family to see these amazingly gorgeous photos!

You are a blessing to our family,